Are you looking for something extraordinary to entertain and inspire your guests? How about a two-time Dutch champion of magic - Rafael Scholten?

In his parlour show, Rafael lets you take a look into his brain, his world where everyone wears a top hat and everything is possible. He makes a peach tree grow and blossom in seconds, and objects from the audience move to an impossible location, maps materialise and your thoughts are no secret. Rafael explains a trick himself... or does he? Central shows are Rafael's speciality. He presents a wonderful act with unique tricks and stories from 5 to 60 minutes in which you will laugh and be amazed.

SBS 6, Heart of the Netherlands : "Raphael is stoneware!"

Theater performance


This performance is about why people want to believe in magic and what magic can mean. Playfully enchanting the audience with his collection of wondrous Kuriosities, Rafael penetrates the darkest corners of your mind. Inspired by famous magicians of the Victorian era. In his always elegant and humorous performance, he allows the audience to truly experience magic and escape reality for 75 minutes.


Rafael walks around between your guests, at tables at your dinner, company party, wedding, etc. and amazes them with smaller close-up acts, including maps, mentalism, fire, coins and perhaps your watch. This is an interactive form of magical entertainment, small objects that trigger a great reaction and where your guests will talk long after. Rafael usually provides a short central, spectacular act of +/-10 min, chic, visually to music as an opening, prior to the table magic.

Stage act THE ROSE

This is a unique stage act of international level. Simple objects like a yellow ball, cards and roses form the basis of this spectacular act. The act ends with a storm of rose leaves that appears out of his hand. This form of magic is called manipulation. It is the purest form of magic and requires years of training. Rafael has received many prizes for this act. A.O. at the Monte-Carlo Circus festival. He also became Dutch champion twice.

Volkskrant : "Rafael has a small-scale magic act with balls, cards, flowers and fire that is so staggering that he holds a big room in his grasp. Scholten has the classic class of Dutch magic icon Fred Kaps and a fine cheeky look in the eyes! "


"If Ginger Rogers and Houdini had a child, this is the act he would do!"

More and more theatre is interwoven in variety and magic acts. Looking for more than just an average magic act, Rafael is working on a theatrical act in which he combines the glamour and class of Hollywood tap dancers like Fred Astair and Gene Kelly with modern magic!

Premiers August 2019 at www.clowns.ch


The basic of this act goes back to 1830 when the famous French magician Robert Houdin invented a way to recreate nature. 
A mechanical orange tree that makes the process of moths pass in seconds. Rafael changed this act to make it fresh and ready for the 21th century.
Its a interactive act in wich the public will be surprised and admired by the beauty of this old automaton and some modern incredabel magic. 

Rafael is one of a few magicians who present this trick at the moment because its very strange to find.


If you have wishes or ideas of your own, want a magical aspect in your performance or a combination of the above, this is possible in consultation. Rafael can also make a person, gift or logo appear. Rafael is accustomed to solving great magical problems under time pressure for live shows, act coaching, TV and film. For references see: